Fleet management system provide solution to manage fleet
Able to manage fleet and view reports by using any device that have internet access
Alert to user when detect abnormal situation of the vehicle such as huge vibration, battery cut off and etc.
View vehicles in real-time status on intuitive google map,receive updates periodically as you preset the time interval, choose from satellite
use interactive route replay to review a vehicle's history throughtout the days and more.Each trip segment provides you with details about driving time, distance traveled,alert for unsafe driving and etc.Use route replay to improve routing efficiency and resolve customer dispute
Set up boundaries and landmarks for key locations on the map: Client's location, headquarters, or employee's home, create geofences(Max.20 fences for one device) of any size and shape, save workload with one geo-fence is applicable for multiple devices
Use our activity report to get fast insightful data of your fleet's driving performance.Evaluate driver performance based on speed,idling,mileage,parking,ACC and more.Uncover inefficiencies, reduce fuel usage, and identify opportunities for saving costs.
Set up different events for which you want to receive alerts.Configure alert for: speeding,movement,geo-fences,tamper alert and more. Receive alert via email or text for further response.
Gps tracker app for android and IOS